Latest Successes

  • 4 Oct. 2016

    FTA destruction in Foz do Iguaçu

    As a result of a joint effort between ABTA and Brazilian Federal police with support from Alianza, more than 20 thousand seized FTA units have been destroyed since February 2016. The units had been seized in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil’s main point of entry for pirate products. The operation aims to have approximately 50 thousand units destroyed by the end of 2016. A total of 23,800 units have been destroyed so far, from pirate brands AZAmerica, Cinebox and Tocomsat among others.

    4 Oct. 2016

    Seizure of 2000 pirate FTA components in Peru

    Lima’s Customs Officials identified a shipment of components which had been declared as “computer components” but, having attended various Alianza trainings, they suspected the shipment in fact contained pirate FTA components instead. After Tranport and Communications ministry MTC issued a statement confirming the components were indeed FTA, the merchandise was considered “Traffic of restricted merchandise,” under Customs’ regulations, a crime punishable with up to 8 years imprisonment. Alianza provided evidence that the importer had entered similar shipments in the past. Customs will now proceed to report the traffic of restricted merchandise to the local prosecutor.

    4 Oct. 2016

    First raid against IKS provider in Argentina

    Police in Argentina’s Buenos Aires province executed three simultaneous raids last June 5th in a case against an IKS provider. The case had been initiated by INTV in 2014. In the raid, a computer was seized that has been submitted for expert analysis. Various decoders, smartcards and antennas were seized in the raids as well. The IKS service has been down since the raid.

    4 Oct. 2016

    Ruling against FTA reseller in Paraguay

    In Paraguay, a ruling was issued in the case against retail stores Casa Litani & Nadia Centerfiled. The case was filed by Nagra and Discovery through Alianza in June 2015. The defendants in the case were sentenced to 15 month imprisonment and a fine. The ruling also ordered the destruction of more than 1000 FTAs.

    4 Oct. 2016

    Ruling against IKS provider and FTA reseller in Colombia

    In Colombia, a ruling was issued in the case against Antenas Libres. The defendants were sentenced to a 26 month prison sentence, suspended for 5 years, and a fine. A number of FTAs that had been seized in this case have been sent to Colombia's General Prosecutor to decide on their destruction.

    4 Oct. 2016

    Raids against illegal headends in Venezuela

    In Venezuela, 7 raids against illegal cable headends resulted in the seizure of more than 200 FTAs. In 2015, of all the devices seized in operations against illegal headends in LaTam 39% were FTAs.

    4 Oct. 2016

    Raids against in Peru

    As a result of extensive ALIANZA trainings, Peruvian's Fiscal Police detected web site that offered prerecorded pirate content. The police requested ALIANZA’s assistance to determine the origin.of the material. ALIANZA’s investigation confirmed that offered both live and recorded content using DIRECTV and Movistar’s STBs. DIRECTV filed an action under the Penal Code which resulted in the seizure of 13 DTV decoders and 6 Movistar decoders plus accessories. The site is still online since it is hosted in Japan, but live content is no longer available on the site.

    26 Feb. 2015


    On February 26, 2015, the Organization of American States, through CITEL, its telecommunications advisory body, unanimously approved Recommendation No.3841, which calls on all 35 American states to take steps to prevent import, commercialization and use of satellite receiver devices with decryption capabilities to illegally access signals of subscription satellite television systems without due authorization or that could be modified for such purpose, in their respective countries. For the first time, this kind of piracy has been recognized as a regional concern by all governments of the American hemisphere and placed in their public agendas. CITEL’s Recommendation should significantly aid ALIANZA to fight FTA Piracy in Latam. During the rest of the year, ALIANZA will be working with local governments in order to suggest best practices to follow CITEL’s Recommendation.

    10 Jan. 2015


    Since December 23, 2014, all the AZBox servers are off following sustained pressure on AZBox from Alianza during the whole of 2014. Both legal and technical countermeasures created weeks of black screens to AZBox users and hence made the AZBox service very instable. This resulted in AZBox dumping prices from US$150 to US$29, thus proving that so called FTAs receivers are offered for a high price because they provide unauthorized access to Pay-Tv channels.

    14 Aug. 2014

    Raid on Brazilian Servers

    A special unit of the Brazil police dealing with organized crime (GAECO) raided and dismantled a Brazilian piracy server in a coordinated action in the city of Mogi Guaçu. The raid was reported widely in the Brazilian media, featuring on GloboTV’s prime time news program that regularly attracts 40% of Brazil’s TV audience.

    2 Dec. 2013

    Successful Police Raid against AZTVPLUS in Brazil

    This online store was launched in 2010 and figured as one of the most active FTA's distributors and resellers in Brazil. According to, AZTVPLUS' website had more than 350,000 viewers over the last 3 months. AZTVPLUS' page on Facebook counts with 6,500 followers.
    Their business was highly organized and allowed their customers to buy the FTAs through credit cards and online payment processors. Minor FTA's resellers were permitted to register on AZTVPLUS' database becoming their retailers. The private investigation which preceded the search and seizure action began on May 2013 and showed that AZTVPLUS apparently has a silent partner based in Rivera, Uruguay, who could have been smuggling the FTAs to Brazil covered as agricultural cargo. Alianza filed the complaint under the Public Prosecutor´s Office of Rio Grande do Sul State on September 2013 and obtained search and seizure warrants which were fulfilled in December 2nd 2013. 129 FTAs were seized during the raid, as well as 3 PCs and 6 flash drives containing keys updates. 2 people were heard at the local Police Station. Right after the action, AZTVPLUS' website content was updated to negotiate electronic equipment other than the FTAs.

    1 Dec. 2013

    Impact - Colombia

    > Alert Customs: DIAN (Colombia Customs Authority) issued a national alert in order to bar the entry of FTA into that country by air and ocean. This alert includes information from manufacturers as well as photos of the usual FTA equipmenta.

    > Regulatory Agency: ANTV confirms the illegality of FTA equipment in Colombia and issues official statement informing and empowering authorities to confiscate such equipment.

    > Customs agents in Cartagena, Colombia, intercepted a container with FTAs Moxee, as a result of training applied in inspection agencies, provided by Alianza (Embassies of Brazil and Colombia). This demonstrates that the government is initiating proactive measures to combat piracy, and identifying manufacturers of FTAs even if new in the market.

    10 Nov. 2013

    Court in Uruguay Ordered Police Raid Operation

    The first courthouse in Uruguay has ordered the search, seizure and surveillance operations in open stores in the country.
    This is the first time that authorities confiscate FTAs sold in those stores (usually, FTAs are sold without intervention of the authorities).
    The operation resulted in the seizure of more than 850 devices, and some FTA Stores in Rivera-Uruguay were closed.
    Extensive training sessions and strategic meetings with officials were key to success.

    7 Oct. 2013

    Uruguay - Anti-piracy law strengthened

    > Alianza lobbying efforts led to the approval in early October of a new law suppressing the notion of “exclusive pirate use” in the definition of “infringing device”.

    23 Sep. 2013

    12,000 FTAs seized at the Brazilian border with Paraguay

    Trainings to Brazilian law enforcement authorities and awareness programs performed by Alianza on FTA piracy throughout 2013 resulted in ex officio inspections and seizures of pirate FTAs, in particular at the Brazilian border with Paraguay. As of September 2013, 12,000 FTAs had been seized and destroyed by the authorities.
    Alianza plans to sign a cooperation agreement soon with the Brazilian Customs in order to intensify this initiative in 2014.

    10 Apr. 2013

    First conviction for FTA piracy in Colombia

    The 44 Criminal Court in Bogotá - Colombia convicted Camilo Andrés Díaz, representative for the company Electrocamilo, to a sentence of 40 months for violation of protection protocols, violation of copyright, and illegal access to telecomunications for the use of 12 FTA pirate devices which were utilized for the reception and decodification of protected saletile television chanels.
    With information provided by Alianza, seizure and deactivation of FTA pirate devices was concluded.
    Judge convicted Díaz to 40 months of prison for each time he utilized his FTA devices to access, ilegally and without due authorization from the owners, programs and internacional TV signals such as HBO, Disney Chanel, Espn, Animal Planet and Natgeo, among others.

    28 Feb. 2013

    Destruction of FTA piracy devices in Uruguay

    Over 10'000 "Probox" FTA piracy devices have been destroyed in Uruguay, as a result of a legal procedure initiated in 2010 for signal theft and copyright infringement, which resulted in the seizure of the FTA devices and a destruction order issued by the Court in December 2012.
    While destructions of similar FTA piracy devices took place in the recent years, this is the most massive destruction of such devices that took place in Latam.

    19 Jan. 2013

    A series of successful countermeasures was performed against FTA piracy devices.

    The Alianza, in collaboration with the satellite operator Hispasat, took down satellite signals used by pirates to enable signal theft and copyright infringement through FTA piracy devices.
    As a result of the countermeasures, many piracy FTA devices stopped functioning up to 4 consecutive days in January and some of them still hadn't recovered in March from the February countermeasures, causing what was called in the piracy websites as "Apagão AZBox" (AZBox blackout).


    The Alianza is launched in Miami

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    28 Jan. 2013