Successful Police Raid against AZTVPLUS in Brazil

This online store was launched in 2010 and figured as one of the most active FTA’s distributors and resellers in Brazil. According to, AZTVPLUS’ website had more than 350,000 viewers over the last 3 months. AZTVPLUS’ page on Facebook counts with 6,500 followers.
Their business was highly organized and allowed their customers to buy the FTAs through credit cards and online payment processors. Minor FTA’s resellers were permitted to register on AZTVPLUS’ database becoming their retailers. The private investigation which preceded the search and seizure action began on May 2013 and showed that AZTVPLUS apparently has a silent partner based in Rivera, Uruguay, who could have been smuggling the FTAs to Brazil covered as agricultural cargo. Alianza filed the complaint under the Public Prosecutor´s Office of Rio Grande do Sul State on September 2013 and obtained search and seizure warrants which were fulfilled in December 2nd 2013. 129 FTAs were seized during the raid, as well as 3 PCs and 6 flash drives containing keys updates. 2 people were heard at the local Police Station. Right after the action, AZTVPLUS’ website content was updated to negotiate electronic equipment other than the FTAs.

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