Piracy Glossary

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Affiliate Program
An “affiliate member” earns revenue by placing a link on his website which advertises a media piracy product (IPTV subs., STB, etc.) sold by the Affiliate program.

Android Emulator
An Android emulator is an Android Virtual Device (AVD) that represents a specific Android device.

Android package. A form of compressed file to be used in android devices.

Assimetrical Digital Subscriber Line
High-speed data transmission system on the copper wires of telephone networks. Mainly used for Internet access.

Authentication Server
An authentication server provides a network service that applications use to authenticate the credentials, usually account names and passwords, of their users. When a client submits a valid set of credentials, it receives a cryptographic ticket that it can subsequently use to access various services.

Trunk cable of a network. In CATV is the central cable installed in a building.

Difference between the capacity to supply or install products and services and the existing demand for these products or services.

Banda C
Microwave frequency range between 3.7 GHz and 4.2 GHz. It is used in satellite communication and also in land links. The term is also used to designate the first satellite TV services that used this frequency band.

Banda KU
When used for the DTH service in Brazil, the Uplink range is between 13.75 and 14.5 GHz. The downlink range of the satellite for subscribers is between 10.95 and 12.20 GHz

Bandwidth, characterized by the maximum and minimum limits or the difference between them; a continuous group of frequencies.

Radiated wave beams.

Bit Error Rate
An index that measures the number of errors (and therefore the quality) of a digital signal.

Broadcasting in open channels, with free access to the public. Also called open TV as opposed to pay TV.

Central Processing Unit. Also known as processor or microprocessor. This is the integrated circuit responsible for executing the software in a digital device.

A device that allows the visualization of previous scrambled channels

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Is a service protocol used to give IP address to computers

Parabolic or spherical antenna.

Digital Living Network Alliance a data transmission standard used to share digital content within domestic network.

Digital Satellite Service

It is one of the special services modalities regulated by decree no. 2.196 of 04/08/97, which has the objective of distributing television or audio signals, as well as both, through satellites, to subscribers located in the area of provision of services.

Abbreviation of: Houses with TV

Earnings Before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization.

The Firmware is software which is integrated in a hardware device such as a smart card or a set-top-box.

Free-to-air services are television or radio channels broadcast in clear (as opposed to the Pay-TV for example).

In the TV world, FTA (free-to-air) became the common name given to a receiver that should only be able to display free-to-air channels. It is also the acronym for Free-to-Air.

Homes Passed
The total number of households covered by a network.

Abbreviation of: Households Using Television

IP (Internet Protocol)
The data communication protocol on which the Internet is based. In it, data, whether voice, video, images or text, travels in packets, which are "mounted" at the receiving end to restore the original information.

Internet Protocol Television. A protocol for broadcasting television over internet.

Online Video Piracy

Pay-TV service where the subscriber pays only what he wants to watch (movies, shows, courses), whenever he wants, within the existing offer. In this case the signal must be addressed.

Correct positioning and direction of the parabolic antenna to allow maximum reception of a satellite signal.

Standard Definition TV, also known as SDTV, refers to television systems that are not considered EDTV or HDTV. The term is generally used in reference to digital television, particularly when the transmission has similar resolution to analog systems.

Set-Up Box
Generic term that designates the device of an interface between the network and the television of the subscriber.