About Us

The Alianza contra Piratería de Televisión Paga (the “Alianza”) is a group of content providers, pay-tv broadcasters and technology providers aiming at combatting Pay-TV piracy throughout Latin America.

Pay-Tv piracy involves the usage of equipment, software or technologies that is meant to decrypt TV signals and enable a user to watch content without a valid subscription.

Together fighting piracy

Intelligence, monitoring and investigation towards selected targets makes the usage of resources and impact against piracy more meaningful.
Public Awareness
It is imperative that the society is involved in the fight against TV piracy as they are ultimately the ones impacted.
Alianza is commited to enpower government, administrative entities and the industry in general by sharing the acquired knowledge obtained from years of experience.
Regulations & Legislative
In order to promote change Alianza participates in forums and discussions with government and authorities in order to accelerate the fight against TV piracy.
Engineers, developers and technicians are engaged in understanding how pirate technology works and together the industry can fight at the same level.
Law Enforcement
With the force of the law Alianza can force pirate actors to stop their elegal activities.

How much do you know about piracy ?

When it involves Pay-Tv, sometimes is difficult to distinguish between piracy and legal activity. For that reason we put together a series of articles to help you to identify whenever a product looks suspicious.
How does Pay-TV Work?

How does Pay-TV Work?

Get to know the basics about traditional satellite television services
How does illegal Pay-Tv Work?

How does illegal Pay-Tv Work?

Get acquainted on how Pay-Tv fraud is perpetrated.
Are you really saving money?

Are you really saving money?

Check what are the disadvantages when choosing a counterfeit product
Be aware of the risks!

Be aware of the risks!

Each country has specific laws to punish intellectual property infringements and copyrights violations

Report Piracy!